Longcoat Chihuahuas









Su Laws Baccino - that's me, the Kennel Maid.


The Gang employ me as their kennel maid, door-woman, chef etc. My dogs run free in the house and garden. They are sometimes penned for short periods for their own safety. Cages/carriers if we're off to the vets. I'm humbled by the fact that they allow me to live with them. Thanks to them I'm a contented oldie. 


Bella, the first Chi bred by me, and owned by Barbara Carr.

Sire: Natimuk Maugham del Pocoapoco (Rambo).

Dam: Wrenswillow Mazapan del Pocoapoco RIP.



Some years ago I bred Sumaba West Highland White Terriers. Most were sold as pets, some were shown. 

This is my Ch Whitebriar Janine at Sumaba


I've also owned Yorkshire Terriers and Toy Poodles.


I'm a member of:

British Chihuahua Club

West Highland White Terrier Club of Britain

Southern West Highland White Terrier Club


Don't be fooled, there's no such thing as a perfect Chihuahua.


'The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.' Charles de Gaulle


07815538969 s.baccino1610@btinternet.com